JEEP SAFARI 4X4 tour is realized across Galicica national park, which is known for its beautiful flora and fauna and endemic species of plants. The national park, covering 30 km, is enriched with clear mountain air as it is at an altitude of 1800 m. The tour involves driving on rough terrain with wonderful views of Ohrid Lake, Prespa Lake and the mountain. The tour also includes breakfast in a mountain house in Galicica.

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Traditional food & drinks

At our villa, at an altitude of 1100 m, you can taste anything from the traditional Macedonian cuisine as well as our home made drinks while enjoying the amazing view of the entire lake, the clean mountain air, the vast meadows and the sound of mountain birds. Новости Донбаса



In Villa Minami there are three bedrooms with double beds, all of them with a lake view and mountain view. It has capacity of six people. There is a large living room with a traditional interior, one toilet, four small  and two big terraces with a view of the entire Ohrid Lake. The bedrooms cover […]



In Villa Minami you can rent a car with 7 seats, including the driver’s seat. Two of the seats can be adapted to serve for babies. The car is Ford Galaxy (Diezel 1.9 TDI) with the best Ghia equipment and low fuel consumption. It has the following equipment: dual zone digital climate control, power steering, […]



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